urban points FAQ's

What are Urban Points?

Urban Points are our way of rewarding our customers. We may award them for orders placed or for special promotions.
How do I earn Urban Points?

There are two (2) ways in which you earn Urban Points:

Ongoing orders. Every time you order through the Urban Fresh Deli online ordering web site, you will be awarded 4 'Urban Points' for each $1 you spend online.

Refer a friend. When you refer a friend to online ordering and that friend places an order which is confirmed by us and completed, you will receive 50 Urban Points, provided your friend enters your details in the 'referrer' field on the registration page. 

What is the current value of an Urban Point?
Currently, each Urban Point has a cash equivalent of 4 US cents but is not redeemable for cash. Therefore, 100 Urban Points has a current cash equivalent of one $4.00.

When will my Urban Points become available?
If you have placed an order and were awarded Urban Points, those Urban Points will be held in a 'pending' status until the order is marked by us as being complete. This usually occurs overnight after the scheduled order time. You may redeem these on your next visit to the Urban Fresh Deli online ordering web site.

How do I redeem my Urban Points?
Online payment. On the order payment screen, if you have any Urban Points available, you will see the following link:

You have ___ Urban Points ($__) available. Click here to use some of them.

At that point a small area will be displayed with the following text:

Enter Urban Points to use or value below and then click 'Use Urban Points' (min of ___ /$___; max of ___ /$___)

You can then select the quantity of Urban Points or $ you would like to use, and click 'Use Urban Points'

This will reduce your outstanding amount, and you can continue to pay as usual by entering the payment method, amount, and other details, and clicking "Add Payment".


Why do I not see the link to allow me to use my points?
You do not have any points currently available, or your points are in a "pending" status. Once you have points available, the link will be displayed at the time of order payment.

Do Urban Points expire?
Yes they do. Urban Points expire one year after order completion. If you have any questions concerning your Urban Points account, please contact us at: info@urbanfreshdeli.com 

** Urban Points program is subject to change or discontinuance without further notice **